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Dr. Melissa Cady voices her mission for Pain Out Loud.
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Pain Out Loud Community

Pain Out Loud is a developing community of individuals uniting to change the chronic pain epidemic. Our community searches and provides resources for healthy ways to improve or overcome pain challenges. POL is looking for individuals willing to share their pain transformation stories in our community to inspire others. We believe “healing stories matter” as they give hope for a better day.
  1. To enable a platform for pain challengers to tell their story of PAIN OUT LOUD with other pain challengers or sufferers regarding healthy ways in which they have overcome or minimized suffering from their pain.
  2. To form a collaborative community of positive and constructive engagement to minimize the negative consequences of overly fixating on the pain.
  3. To be a resource of practical, holistic, and varied approaches to the multiple pain challenges that members and the general public may have.
  4. Be a source of supporters/attendees for future PainChallenge events in different locations.
POL is a community dedicated to help individuals achieve freedom from pain suffering. Community members share their pain transformation stories in a positive and constructive manner to encourage others. The Community consists of individuals and medical professionals motivated to educate and apply healthy changes toward eradicating pain suffering.

  • Mindset & Attitude 100%
  • Lifestyle Changes 100%
  • Determination – “no matter what!” 100%

Member Benefits

Share Your Pain Transformation Story

Your story and what you have achieved is a very important journey. It is something to sing about! Sharing your story is a gift.

Access to Member Only Resources

Through private access, members have resources, forums, email research and contact with other members.

Special Pricing & Discounts

Members are royalty. They receive special discounts and pricing in the POL Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Pain Out Loud is a developing community, so at this time, we do not have any frequently asked questions. However, that will definitely change, so check back often. Better yet, join our community then submit your questions. We are looking for overcoming pain stories to share and would like to hear about yours if you have one.  Maybe you know someone who has a pain story, please let them know about this website.  Pain stories are reviewed and posted to the member section within this community. Some are shared with the outside world by permission with only a first name and a general location. You must be a member to share your story; however, membership is free.

Thank you,
Dr. Melissa Cady, D.O.
The Challenge Doctor

Who can join Pain Out Loud Community?

Anyone can join our community. In particular, we are looking for individuals who have successfully managed pain or overcome it through healthy lifestyle changes. Through the process of assessing public interest in the mission of Pain Out Loud, we have discovered there are medical professionals who want to join. All are welcome to apply for membership! There will be guidelines to be met and acceptance will need to be authorized by our staff.

What does it cost to join? provides a FREE membership. As a POL member, you will have the option to participate in more in-depth pain management education and training programs for a fee. (This is still in our planning room, so please be patient.) POL has an online shop for purchase of fan gear to encourage you and others.

Can I promote my business through the Community?
Absolutely NOT!  This community is intended to share inspirational stories of those who are overcoming or have overcome pain. Pain stories will be reviewed individually to ensure that they are in alignment with the mission of PAIN OUT LOUD and do not contain unsolicited marketing. Recommendations of products or services are solely because pain challengers felt they were truly helpful and deemed appropriate per Dr. Cady. If you feel that your product or service could be of benefit to the PAIN OUT LOUD community, then you must contact Dr. Cady via the contact form.

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